Measure. Monitor. Control.™


The IoT Consulting group at TSR designs and builds applications and integrations that Measure. Monitor. Control.™ most processes, environments and events by capturing vital data points, monitoring changes, and providing a means to respond via a variety of control systems/mechanisms.


Measure Value. 

TSR designs and builds applications & integrations that can capture vital data points from processes, environments, and events. Current methods collect and store more data than ever, creating islands of unstructured data and data friction. By employing TSR’s Measure. Monitor. Control.™ methodology, the methods can be improved in a manner which will eliminate data friction and provide insight and value, resulting in data that is more precisely delivered to the points of action and execution.

Monitor Change.

By monitoring for changes in the data, TSR’s Measure. Monitor. Control.™ can act on facts & deliver automated controlled responses by looking for changes from the status quo.

Control Everything.

Measure. Monitor. Control.™ weaves data and events into longer, continuous virtual threads. Achieve maximum control in your business by using push technology, multi-tier logic, artificial intelligence, and trigger mechanisms to interact with what is being measured and monitored.